At Farggi we are the heirs to a great tradition of passion for excellence.

The history of the Farga family is rooted in a vocation for developing artisanal and traditional flavours. Jesús Farga opened his first artisanal pastry shop in 1957, where he began to perfect the family recipes while also becoming a renowned ice-cream maker. Today, the Farga family continues to develop the same recipes and select the finest ingredients to provide: The Pleasure of Experience.

At Farggi we have a new range of Super Premium Ice Creams. A consumer-endorsed proposal that brings innovation to the store shelves.

The Frasco range, ice cream in its purest form. Tasting it is as close as you can get to experiencing freshly made artisanal ice cream. 

The Vasetto range comes in an individual size so it can be enjoyed in complete privacy. Just you and your favourite flavour. 

The Paletti range, crunchiness in its purest form. Delicate chocolate toppings. Take a bite and immerse yourself in a new wave of aromas and flavours. 

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