Frigécrème is the brand under which the Farga Group markets its products in France. Frigécrème, an artisanal family brand with more than 80 years of history, is well known by French consumers, primarily the generations born before the 80s. Frigécrème is one of those quintessential brands that evokes a special nostalgia.

In 2009, we acquired the brand by buying Frigécrème from the Ysco group, and at this time its whole distribution model was redesigned. By quickly positioning itself in the non-home catering market, the brand moved away from big distribution to focus on restaurants, hotels, kiosks and organisations under the slogan: "la glace des restaurateurs".

In France, the Farga Group distributes an extensive range of ice creams: sorbets, cream-based ice cream and ice cream in 2.5 litre and 5 litre containers; specialities for individual consumption such as glasses, desserts in ceramics and frozen fruits; for the impulse channel (cornets, poles for children and adults); and for mass catering.

In 2017, Frigécrème refreshed its image to meet the current challenges. The improvement of its logistics and commercial management has translated into increased loyalty from clients. The company has modernised its corporate identity and launched its first website and online catalogue. In January, Frigécrème presented its new range of innovations at the salón Sirha.

Click the link to the Frigécrème site to view the catalogue.

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