Quality and Innovation

Our corporate philosophy, with its new ambitions, makes us demand more from both ourselves and our commitment to quality and people. We develop new processes and new work methodologies to respond to the demands of the market more effectively, to offer our customers and consumers better products and services, and to boost brand awareness.


We are not content with the minimum guarantees, we want to ensure the highest level of quality for our products. To achieve this, we use carefully selected natural ingredients and strictly manage the allergens in the manufacturing processes, with the ultimate goal of gradually eliminating all traces of other allergens.



In 1996 our factory obtained for the first time the quality management certification, in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and later the environmental management quality certification for the design, production, storage and primary distribution of ice cream in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001A few years later, we replaced the UNE-EN ISO 9001 quality certification, of a general nature, with the IFS certification, specifically for quality assurance and food safety in the food industry.

Farggi La Menorquina continues to renew the certifications, ensuring that its factories meet all the fundamental requirements:

  • IFS Certification (International Featured Standards): international regulation, awarded by the DNV certification authority, which guarantees the quality and safety of the products produced by Farggi La Menorquina.
  • ISO 14001 Certification: international regulation, awarded by the DNV certification authority, which guarantees that all environmental management aspects are focused on sustainability.
  • Halal Certification: awarded by Halal Food Quality, ensuring that all products have been produced in accordance with the Quran's food guidelines and comply with all the legal requirements as well as those on food quality and safety. 

Sustainability and commitment to the environment are the basis of our business and constitute a focal aspect in our activity management. At Farggi La Menorquina, we see investment along with research, development and innovation (R&D&I) activities as a fundamental tool that allows us to be in possession of competitive technology. This helps us obtain the best products that, made via efficient and environmentally friendly processes, satisfy the market's needs and our clients' expectations.



Innovation has always been one of the main priorities at Grupo Kalise Menorquina. As producers of ice cream and dairy desserts, we work hard every day to comply with the needs of our customers by developing new ranges in accordance to their current expectations and to surprise them with new flavours and formats.

The production of ice cream has developed throughout the years thanks to the advances in technology and to the implementation of new machinery and processes, which have served to increase the number of new products and to satisfy the needs of clients and consumers. Nevertheless, there are still products that can only be handcrafted, because automating their production is otherwise noticeable in the final result: flavour, texture and consumer experience and new flavour and formats.

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